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【KidAone™️】Microbiome (New)

Let’s cheer for the 2nd product from KidAone™️ Series!
Microbiome , the Unconventional Kid’s Probiotic with Triple Action!
【KidAone™️ Microbiome】 is the first kid’s formulation of 【probiotic + prebiotic + postbiotic】in Malaysia! The golden combination possesses a synergistic effect that provides comprehensive care for gut and overall health!
【KidAone™️ Microbiome】 includes:
✅ 3 world-class branded probiotic strains] highly beneficial to gut health
✅ 3 types of prebiotics] which ensure constant growth of probiotics in the gut
✅ Gut lining enhancer, [postbiotics fermented from 36 fruits & vegetables]
8 Benefits of 【KidAone™️ Microbiome】
✅ Restore the balance of gut microbiota
✅ Reduce harmful bacteria
✅ Improve intestinal and digestive health
✅ Relieve constipation or diarrhea
✅ Alleviate abdominal discomfort
✅ Improve nutrient absorption
✅ Improve eczema and skin allergies
✅ Enhance immunity and overall health
To ensure a happy childhood and healthy body, all your kid needs is a sachet of blackcurrant flavored 【KidAone™️ Microbiome】daily!


【KidAone™️ Microbiome】是大马首个结合了【益生菌+益生元+后生元】的三强儿童配方,通过多重协同效应,全面保护孩子的肠道与整体健康!
【KidAone™️ Microbiome】
✅ 3大有益于儿童肠道健康的【 世界级名牌益生菌菌株 】
✅ 3种有益于益生菌稳定繁殖的【 益生元 】
✅ 有益于保护肠壁,由36种蔬果发酵而成的【 后生元 】
【KidAone™️ Microbiome 8大益效】
✅ 恢复肠道菌群的平衡
✅ 减少肠道中的有害细菌
✅ 改善消化系统
✅ 缓解便秘或腹泻
✅ 减轻腹部不适
✅ 改善营养吸收能力
✅ 舒缓湿疹和皮肤过敏问题
✅ 增强免疫力和整体健康
一天一袋黑加仑口味【KidAone™️ Microbiome】,为孩子打造健康肠道、缔造无忧童年!


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