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Tigrox Livetal


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Precious Herb in Taiwan

Protect & Cleanse Your Liver

LIVETAL contains Taiwanese patented fungus Antromax®

 solid phase cultured Antrodia Cinnamomea Mycelium, as its main

ingredient, and Turmeric Extract, Radix Buplueri Root Extract,

and Astragulus Membranaceus Root Extract. They can

 help to improve liver functions and enhance the metabolism of

medicines and drugs in body, reducing liver damage and

prevent fatty liver. Meanwhile, it can help to enhance the activity

 of Superoxide dismutase (SOD) to prevent inflammation.

What Tigrox Livetal can do?


  1. Control the excess fats in the liver
  2. Reduce toxins stored in the liver
  3. Break down alcohol in the liver and relieve hangover symptoms


  1. Protect liver health
  2. Modulate immune system and strengthen immunity
  3. Relieve chemical-caused liver injury
  4. Enhance antioxidant protection and reduce inflammation
  5. Eliminate fatigue and restore energy

Symptoms Of Liver Damage

  1. Bleeding from nose
  2. Vomiting Blood
  3. Stomach Pain
  4. Weight Loss
  5. Fatigue
  6. Jaundice

Main Functions of The Liver

– Processes of nutrients from food

– Stores sugars for later use

– Releases bile that aids in digestion

– Production of cholesterol

– Removing various toxins and combating infections

– Processing and storage of vitamins and other essential nutrients

– Maintaining levels of fats, amino acids and glucose in the blood

– Protein synthesis

– Manufacturing and regulating hormones

– Helps in blood clotting

Livetal Tigrox Ingredients

  1. Antromax Antrodia Cinnamomea Extract
  2. Radix Bupleuri Extract
  3. Astragulus Extract
  4. Turmeric Extract

Tigroz Livetal Price


Livetal side effects

To date, there is no known or reported side effects of Livetal. However, the effect may vary between individuals.

What is the flavour of Livetal?

Livetal is ready to drink botanical beverage with avocado and mango fruit flavours.

What is Antromax Antrodia Cinnamomea and its function?

Antromax Antrodia Cinnamomea is the Taiwanese unique mushroom extracted through patented cultivation technology and contains higher amount of triterpenoid compunds as compared to the 3 years wild Antrodia Cinnamomea. Besides  that, they are free from pesticides, heavy metals and plasticizers. Also, Antromax Antrodia Cinnamomea extract has been clinically proven with the ability in supporting liver function, enhance detoxification process and protect liver from damage.

Antromax® Recognised with

8 International Patents And International Awards

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