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The main 6 functions of Zenso is:

  1. Boosts fat burning and metabolism, leading to a slimming effect on the body
  2. Control the conversion of sugar into fat
  3. Put down your appetite for food, reduce calorie consumption
  4. Provide your daily nutritional needs
  5. Clear up water with diuresis, relieve edema symptoms
  6. Improve your liver functions to promote detoxification

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What is Zenso Weight Management Solution?

Zenso all product, Kuro Mizu, Kuro Shuga, Kuro Oiru, Kuro Daitto

Zenso Weight Management Solution: Lose Weight Healthily and Effectively

Zenso is a holistic weight management solution that helps you lose weight safely and effectively by improving your body composition, not just reducing the numbers on your scale. Our program combines dietary guidelines, meal plans, exercise guides, and a range of Zenso products inspired by Japanese black vinegar, Kurozu.


The four Zenso products are:

  • Kuro Mizu
  • Kuro Shuga
  • Kuro Oiru
  • Kuro Daitto

All of the Zenso products are made with Kurozu, a natural ingredient with powerful health benefits. 


The Zenso weight management solution is a safe and effective way to lose weight and improve your overall health. If you’re looking for a comprehensive program to help you reach your weight loss goals, Zenso is the right choice for you.

Introduction of Zenso Products

Zenso Kuro Daitto, Shuga, Oiru, Mizu
Zenso Kuro Daitto, Shuga, Oiru, Mizu

What is Zenso Kuro Daitto?

Kuro Daitto, exclusively formulated by Zenso, is a vitamin and mineral-rich meal replacement designed to meet your daily nutrient requirements. It combines 3 years of fermentation with Kurzu and incorporates 8 essential ingredients to reduce cravings, suppress appetite, and support healthy weight management. Presently, there are two available flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Macadamia.

What is Zenso Kuro Mizu?

Kuro Mizu, a proprietary formulation by Zenso, is a diuretic formula specially designed to flush out and eliminate excess water retained in the body. This helps reduce swelling and puffiness while restoring body firmness.

What is Zenso Kuro Oiru?

Kuro Oiru is crafted from natural plant extracts designed to obstruct fat absorption, facilitating the burning and elimination of fat from the body.

What is Zenso Kuro Shuga?

Kuro Shuga is a chewable tablet infused with the delightful flavors of cherry blossom and bamboo salt. It is designed to inhibit the digestion and absorption of sugar, starch, and fat, preventing the conversion of sugar into fat. Additionally, it enhances insulin sensitivity and effectively suppresses appetite.

How to decide which Zenso package is right for you: Zenso Advance or Zenso Lite?

For optimal results in weight management, we recommend individuals new to the program commence with Zenso Advance. After achieving your targeted weight and desired body composition, you will be advised to transition to Zenso Lite, tailored specifically for maintenance purposes.

How to use Zenso Advance and Zenso Lite?

Recommended Usage Directions for Zenso Advance:


2 scoops of Kuro Daitto.
1 sachet of Kuro Mizu.


1 tablet of Kuro Oiru.
1 tablet of Kuro Shuga.
After 30 minutes, have 2 scoops of Kuro Daitto instead of your regular lunch.


1 tablet of Kuro Oiru.
1 tablet of Kuro Shuga.
After 30 minutes, have 2 scoops of Kuro Daitto instead of your regular dinner.

*Please refer to the Zenso Dietary Guideline for your mini meals and normal meals*

Recommended Usage Guidelines for Zenso Lite:


2 scoops of Kuro Daitto.


2 tablets each of Kuro Oiru and Kuro Shuga.
Ensure you consume these tablets approximately 30 minutes before your meals.


2 scoops of Kuro Daitto.

*Please refer to the Zenso Dietary Guideline for your mini meals and normal meals*

Zenso Diet Dietary Guideline

Normal Meal: 1 protein, 2 vegetables, 1 fruit, 1 carbohydrate, fat (optional)

Mini Meal: Choose only 1 serving of food from one of the categories. Recommend to take protein or vegetable.

Zenso description dietary guideline

Zenso Advance and Zenso Lite price list

ProductPrice (RM)
Zenso Advance Set1800
Zenso Lite Set1300

Zenso diet testimonials​

Zenso diet testimonials

Zenso Certifications

Zenso Kuro Daitto certification

Zenso Kuro Mizu certification

Zenso Kuro Oiru certification

Zenso Kuro Shuga Certification

Zenso Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Zenso Frequently Asked Question

Question 1: When should I take Kuro Mizu?

Answer: Consume 1-2 sachets of Zenso Kuro Mizu every morning, or follow the guidance provided by your Zenso Nutritionist.

Question 2: How fast can I see results after taking Zenso weight management solution?

Answer: As soon as after one week of consumption, customers can start to see reductions in weight. To see results in the reduction of full body might take around one month.

Question 3: Will there be any side effects from consuming Zenso?

Answer: Zenso is drug-free, there will not be any side effects. However, taking it might occur a few common reactions including dizziness during the first few days, less defecation due to little food intake, these common bodily reactions will subside after the body adapts to the weight management program.

Question 4: Will Zenso affect my menstrual cycle?

Answer: It might cause a slight delay in the menstrual cycle. However, it do not contain synthetic hormones, so it does not affect endocrine system directly.