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The older a person is, the more diseases will appear. Are these symptoms or diseases you fear?

High blood pressure

Heart Disease

Heart Failure



What is Homega?

HOMEGA Fish Oil Softgel Capsule

A healthy heart begins with good blood circulation, HOMEGA fish oil softgel capsule is the first oil softgel capsule is the first fish oil supplement product ever added with Vitamin K2 and D3 in Malaysia. Extracted from small fishes in unpolluted ocean as raw ingredient, its synergistic effect with Vitamin K2 and D3 can help to maintain healthy blood circulation.

Tigrox Homega fish oil helps customer to build better blood circulation in their body by providing functions such as:

  1. Protect the formation of the blood clot
  2. Help to promote blood flow
  3. Maintain the elasticity of blood vessels
  4. Lowest arterial stiffness
  5. Improve metabolism

Cardiovascular Disease

All of this happened because of the blood vessels were blocked/ruptured and the blood couldn’t get through!

Malaysia’s Number One Enemy!

Why The Blood Vessel “Blocked”?

Tigrox Homega Ingredients

  1. 780 mg Omegavie fish oil containing 312mg EPA (eicospentaenoic acid)
  2. 156mg DHA (doxosahexaenoic acid). 
  3. 100mcg Menaquingold vitamin K2
  4. 500IU vitamin D3

What is Omegavie?

Omegavie is one of the leading branded fish oil ingredient, using a stabilization technology that preserve the quality of fish oil.

What technology is Omegavie using?

Omegavie processed with the stabilization technology, QualitySilver. Omegavie uses ultra pure oil, a high tech purification technology to remove heavy metals whereby the level of heavy metals complies with GOED (Global Organization For EPA and DHA Omega-3) standard. Omegavie and QualitySilver ensures purity and safety of fish oil for consumption and is independently  approved by a third-party testing and accreditation program, International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS). QualitySilver, a patented technology used by Omegavie to provide antioxidation effect to enhance the stability of oil. It is a blend of antioxidant that can prevent it from becoming rancid, this was found to be 3 times more stable than market player.

Why choose Menaquingold?

Menaquingold is one of the leading branded vitamin K2 ingredient with patented fermentation, extraction method and patent of effectiveness.

What is EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid)?

DHA and EPA are long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (healthy fat) classified as essential nutrients. DHA and EPA are commonly found in fish and shell fish. These nutrients are building blocks for fatty acids, essential for body, cells and tissues for brain and retinal tissue.

Homega fish oil review

Information and Enquiries

Additional Information: Wellous Malaysia

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Questions or Enquiries: 013-339 9630 free consultation with Jean, professional nutritionist

Homega Certification

No heavy metal

Homega COA (No Heavy Metals) EN

No microbes

Homega COA (No Microbes) EN

No Preservative

Homega (No Preservative) EN

GOED Certificate

Homega GOED Certificate EN


Homega Halal Cert_EN


Homega Halvec EN

GOED certificate 2

Homega GOED Certificate EN

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Omega-3 fish oil can also benefit the eye, as omega-3 can reduce dry eye symptoms, thus relieving and reducing eye irritation. Other than that, omega-3 fish oil can also support immune health, joint function, joint mobility and skin health. Omega-3 fish oil also benefits then brain as DHA is the main component in brain, omega-3 fish oil can slow down age related cognitive decline such as Alzheimer disease, improve memory and support brain function.


One of the leading cause of heart disease is arteriosclerosis, which is plaque in artery that cause blood flow constriction. Arteriosclerosis not only due to cholesterol accumulation in blood vessel but also due artery calcification, hence with combination of omega-3 fish oil, vitamin K2 and D3 can help to reduce this problem.


POLARIS is the company name of Omegavie POLARIS is a company in France with ISO quality control system, USFDA approved, member of Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED), International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization (IFFO), Friend of the sea and certified by International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) as 5 stars.


Fishes used are sardine, achovy and mackerel from open sea in Peru, Chile and Morocco. Smaller fishes with shorter lifespan like sardine, anchovies and mackerel are naturally lower in environmental pollutants compared to bigger size predatory fishes.


Yes, Homega is categorize as a health supplement which is registered under National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) with MAL number of MAL19096038NC.


Homega contains fish oil and using bovine capsule, hence it is not recommended for vegetarian to take Homega.


Insufficient vitamin D may lead to arterial stiffness and endothelial dysfunction. Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency is associated with increase risk of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, heart failure, and ischemic heart disease. Other than that, vitamin D can enhance the absorption of calcium and modulate immune response.


Vitamin K2 can activate Matrix Gla-Protein (MGP), preventing artery calcification and promote calcium to bone. Artery calcification are associated mainly with elastic fibers and are accompanied by elastin degradation, hence vitamin K2 can preserve elastin, maintain the elasticity and flexibility of blood vessel and improve blood circulation.


Homega is manufactured in Malaysia. Homega are from different countries, such as Omegavie is from France and Menaquingold is from India.


Rest assured Homega is safe to be consumed. Every batch of Homega production undergoes stringent quality checking for heavy metal and microorganism tests to ensure its safety and quality. All our products are carefully manufactured in a GMP and HACCP certified facility. Safety an quality are our utmost priority and we assure only the best products reach our customers.


Homega is recommended for adults above 18 years old, hence for those who is below this age, kindly consult a health practitioner before consuming.


Homega is meant to be swallow with water, hence there will not be fishy taste unless consumer break the softgel. Consumer might experience some burping with fishy taste and this is totally normal.