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  • Promote Glory and Pitch Black Hair
  • Maintain Normal Skin Metabolism
  • Promote Strong and Healthy Nails
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Exclusive Compound Formula

Refining Beauty for Delicate at One’s Ease

Refining Beauty for Delicate at One’s Ease

S-GLOW is further loaded with Oryza Polyamine, a patented

 ingredient from Japan that is extracted from rice germ.

Its molecular weight is below 250 which means it has higher body

absorption rate, distributed and utilised by the body efficiently.

Meanwhile, L-cysteine in S-GLOW is precursor of glutathione.


In fact, collagen content in S-GLOW works to maintain

the well-being of skin, hair, and nails.

Main Causes Of Hair Fall

– Stress

– Unhealthy diet

– Medications

– Age

– Hereditary

– Sedentary diet

– Illness

– Nutrient deficiency

– Serious infection

– Improper hair care

– Hormone imbalance

– Childbirth

Who Need S-GLOW ?

Take 2 Chewable Tablets Daily

( after meal )

60 tablets per box

Certification & Quality Assurance

Passed the certification of not containing any heavy metals, microbial,

preservative and chemicals

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