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7 Major Effects E-VITE

  • Provide Clearer Vision
  • Soothe Eyestrain and Dryness
  • Relieve the Discomfort of the Eyes on Gllare
  • Protect Age-related Eye Diseases (Cataract, Macular Degeneration)
  • Increase Macular Pigment/Antioxidant Levels In The Eyes
  • Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light and UV Rays
  • Avoid Eyes from Being Damaged by Excessive Free Radicals
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Natural Eye Care Expert

Healthy Eye for Sharpen Vision

E-VITE which is loaded with lutein and zeaxanthin.

Each of E-VITE tablets consists of 10mg XanMax® Lutein,

2.2mg Zeaxanthin, and 4mg Astaxanthin, Lutein and zeaxanthin

gather in the retina and macula and both of these are

carotene extracts which can be derived from green vegetables.

 However, human body does not produce lutein and zeaxanthin

naturally. It has to be taken through additional supplement.

6 Common Reasons for Eye Irritation

What Causes Eye Pain?

18 Reasons You May Have Red and Bloodshot Eyes

– Injury

– Pink Eye

– Belpharitis

– Uveitis

– Episcleritis

– Allergies

– Pregnancy

– Alcohol

– Smoking

– Computer vision syndrome

– Corneal ulcer or inflection

– Frequent use of eye drops

– Contact lens wear

– Lack of sleep

– Dry eye syndrome

– Acute angle-closure glaucoma

– Subconjunctival hemorrhage

– Swimming

Take 2 Chewable Tablets Daily

( after meal )

60 tablets per box

Certification & Quality Assurance

Passed the certification of not containing any heavy metals, microbial,

preservative and chemicals