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Tigrox Tiger Milk King – What is Tiger Milk King?

Tigrox Tiger Milk King

Everything you should know about Tigrox Tiger Milk King

What is Tiger Milk King?

Tigrox Tiger Milk King

One of Wellous’ products is called Tigrox Tiger Milk King, which contains tiger milk mushroom. The main purpose is to strengthen the lungs and relieve irritation of the respiratory tract.

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What is Tiger Milk Mushroom?

Tiger Milk Mushroom

To most people’s surprise, it is a unique and uncommon medicinal mushroom, native to the rainforests of Malaysia and has been used in medicine for over 400 years. It is also recognized as a priceless national treasure in Malaysia and is used locally to treat cough and lung diseases, fever, vomiting and bronchitis.

Since the tiger milk mushroom is extremely rare and available in small quantities, Tigrox Tiger Milk King uses the cultivated tiger milk mushroom, not the one growing in the wild. The cultivation process of tiger milk mushrooms is completely under control to ensure the highest sanitary conditions, quality, yield, and stability and ensure the absence of contaminants, heavy metals, and microorganisms. The sclerotic part was chosen because it is usually hidden in the soil and is the most nutritious part of the tiger milk mushroom.

Why is it called Tiger Milk Mushroom?

According to a legend, after a female tiger gives birth to her cubs (tiger cubs), the milk falls to the ground and comes into contact with the air, and by absorbing nutrients and essence from the sun, milk and soil, it eventually blossoms and becomes a tiger milk mushroom.

What is the specialty of Tiger Milk Mushroom?

It is found throughout the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia and is one of Malaysia’s national treasures. It was also used by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, to treat lung and cough problems.

What is the main function of Tigrox Tiger Milk King?

Its main goals are to maintain lung health, reduce respiratory problems, improve respiratory performance, strengthen the immune system, increase stamina and energy, and reduce allergic reactions.

What are the ingredients in Tigrox Tiger Milk King?

It contains licorice extract, calamansi, Vitamin C and tiger’s milk mushroom (Lignosus rhinoceros). Tiger Milk King uses tiger milk mushrooms, which are polysaccharides containing up to 50% beta-glucan and are mainly used to strengthen the immune system. In addition, tiger milk mushrooms have other active ingredients with antioxidant properties, such as coumaric acid and caffeic acid. You can use Tiger Milk King together with other Wellous dietary supplements.

Tigrox Tiger Milk King is drug, medicine or supplement?

It is a dietary supplement that must be consumed consistently for optimal benefits. It is free of heavy metals and microorganisms, making it safe to drink. In addition, it is Wellous’ first liquid product in a sachet that can be consumed directly.

Why produce liquid form of Tigrox Tiger Milk King?

We decided to make something simple to take to simplify today’s busy lifestyles. You can take Tigrox Tiger Milk King anywhere, any time, immediately.

More Information: Wellous Malaysia

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