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Tigrox Imuglo

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Have you been experiencing these conditions?

  1. Regular and recurrent occurrences of infections
  2. Extended or severe infection
  3. Delayed healing of wounds
  4. Persistent feelings of tiredness and weakness
  5. Repeated episodes of fever
  6. Issues affecting the gastrointestinal system
  7. Sensitivities and disorders related to allergies and the immune system attacking the body’s own tissues

Do you think the above situation affects you a lot?


Ignoring a weakened immune system can lead to many health problems. The immune system plays a key role in protecting your body from infections, diseases and harmful factors. When your immune system is compromised or weakened, its ability to perform its protective functions is diminished.

Feel scared and helpless knowing the consequences of ignoring a weak immune system? Looking for a solution? Look no further, Tigrox Imuglo is your best immune system regulation solution!

What is Tigrox Imuglo?

Promote Immune & Defence System

IMUGLO is a formulation combine two legendary ingredients, ideally designed for people who are living in the polluted environment with imbalanced diet! Maritech® Organic Fucoidan extract from mekabu seaweed from world’s purest ocean water, it contains more than 85% of bioactive compound! Imuglo also contains ElderCraft® European Black Elderberry Extract. Antioxidant content found in black elderberries is twice as many as most of the fruits.

What Imuglo benefits you?

  1. Regulate and strengthen the immune system
  2. Improve the upper respiratory symptoms and problems
  3. Reduce the severity of colds and flu
  4. Support intestinal function
  5. Reduce the risk of infection and inflammation
  6. Help strengthen skin barriers

Imuglo Tigrox is suitable for who?

  1. People with weak immune system
  2. People with respiratory system problems
  3. People with gastrointestinal problem
  4. People with unhealthy lifestyle
  5. Elderly and middle-aged people

Imuglo Ingredients

  1. Australia Maritech Organic Mekabu Fucoidan Seaweed Extract
  2. Italy Eldercraft European Black Elderberry Extract
  3. United State PUREWAY-C ascorbic acid
  4. Maitake Mushroom Mycelium Extract

Tigrox Imuglo Ingredients Benefits

Maritech Organic Mekabu Fucoidan Seaweed Extract is extracted from Mekabu Brown Seaweed known as Undaria Pinnatifida, using a solvent-free aqeuos extraction technology. It contains Fucoidan, which is a powerful bioactive compound in modulating immune system. Fucoidan also exhibits anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

ElderCraft European Black Elderberry Exract is a high-quality elderberry exract with standardised 14% of anthocyanidins manufactured  from Austrian black elderberries (Sambucus nigra L.). It is extracted using patented Iprona Polytonutrients in the black elderberry. The main functions of ElderCraft are to help support immunity, reduce risk of infection and relieve upper respiratory symptoms. It extracted by the ratio of 1:64. Hence, 300mg of black elderberry extract is equivalent to 19200mg of elderberry fruit.

PUREWAY-C is a form of high bioavailability vitamin C. With SuperSorb Enhanced Delivery Systems, PUREWAY-C is having better delivery, absorption rate and utilization efficacy, and its retention rate is 233% compared to other form of vitamin C. It is effective in maintaining healthy immune function and supporting immunomodulatory functions in human body.

Maitake mushroom is rich in beta-13-1,6 glucan which are potent immunomodulators that help to restore healthy immune balance. Moreover, it also contributes to anti-allergic properties that can improve body resistance against allergies.

Imuglo for Acid Reflux

Maritech Organic Mekabu Fucoidan Seaweed Extract contains 85% fucoidan, which helps with acid reflux

A Strong Immune System Helps Ward Off Common Colds And Flu

Information and Enquiries

Additional Information: Wellous Malaysia

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Questions or Enquiries: 013-339 9630 free consultation with Jean, professional nutritionist

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IMUGLO is a functional food product instead of supplement. According to the food classification leteer by NPRA, IMUGLO is not regulated by DCA (drug control authority), NPRA, it is under regulation by BKKM of Ministry of Health.


Immune system is our body’s security system and significant to keep our living life to the fullest. It’s a natural defense against harmful health challenges. So, if our immune system is weak, it might cause trouble fighting off health disease.


Children above 7 years old can take one sachet of IMUGLO per day.


Our immune system is getting weaker as we grow older. The active ingredients in IMUGLO can help to modulate and boost stronger defense system to fight against harmful substances such as pathogens from the environment.


IMUGLO is suitable for people who are having weak immune system and people who are risk of low immunity, such as people who are taking certain medication or having certain disease, poor nutrition, under long term stress, smoking and  alcohol abuse.


People with weakened immune system frequently fall sick and easily get infection, slower in wound healing, experience declined digestive function, constant fatigue, etc.


Yes. Maitake mushroom mycelium extract in IMUGLO contains beta-1,3-1,6 glucan that can support general health and protect normal cellular functions.


You can take IMUGLO at any time of the day. It is recommended to consume 1 sachet after meal.


For immune product, it would take longer time to see the effect, as improvement of immune system cannot be observed significantly in short term. Instead of observing the time taken, customer is encouraged to observe their body condition after taking IMUGLO. Customer can observe lesser illness symptoms and faster recovery after falling sick. In long term, customer can also observe lesser frequency of falling sick.


Apart from immunomodulatory function, IMUGLO also exhibits other beneficial functions such as antioxidant, anti-viral and improving gut health. After taking IMUGLO for 2 to 4 weeks, customer can feel more energetic, less tired and better bowel movement.


Yes, you can. But if you have a sensitive stomach, you might need to take IMUGLO after meals to avoid stomach discomfort.


The recommended dosage for IMUGLO is one sachet per day.