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【WELLOUS】Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2019

Recognition walks us further, awards lift us higher!
Congratulations Wellous for receiving two awards from Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2019:
Best Nutrition Supplement- BIO-GRAPE Seed
Best Wellness Product- E-VITE
We are truly honoured and beyond grateful to receive the incredible awards. Your constant support is indeed the propellant that pushes us further and higher. Wellous promises to continue deliver only the best health solution to help you in achieving your optimum health level! Wellous, Your Health We Care!
最佳营养辅助品- BIO-GRAPE Seed
最佳养生保健品- E-VITE
对于这次的荣耀与奖项,Wellous感到万分感激 大家一直以来的支持都是我们不断努力前进的动力 Wellous再次衷心感谢大家 并承诺将会继续秉持着我们的理念,为大家提供最佳的健康方案,让你走出更健康的人生!Wellous,Your Health We Care!
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