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【WELLOUS】Let’s recall 3 of the international business awards! 2018~2019

Taking a big leap forward, Wellous remains grateful to obtain global recognitions!

As a functional food company, Wellous’s adherence towards our production always remains the same from the beginning: hygienic, scientifically proven and traceable raw ingredients. Our utmost priority is to make sure every consumer that consumes our products can achieve the healthiest self! Let’s recall 3 of the international business awards! That’s from 2018~2019:


1.The BrandLaureate Awards 2018: Best Brands in Healthcare- Supplements
Wellous as a young start-up has brought along new trend that excites and arouses the curiosity of consumers with our strong innovation culture.


2.Golden Bull Award 2019: Best of Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Wellous has shown a great innovation culture that contributes to the progress and sustainability of our brands, as well as being a role model that constantly inspire the others.


3.Global Business Leadership Awards 2019: Excellence in Healthcare Industry.
Wellous stands out as one of the market leaders that differentiate ourselves with our quality and excellent brand attributes that generate trust and confidence among consumers.

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