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【WELLOUS】Golden Bull Award 2019

Outstanding SMEs Award!
The Golden Bull Award is one of the country’s first and most representative annual business awards, honouring the best of SMEs in Malaysia by recognising their hard-earned success and outstanding achievements. The award aims to serve as an effective platform to benchmark successful businesses, inspiring more businesses, both SMEs and corporates, to strive for greater excellence.

Wellous is graciously honoured to be conferred the Outstanding SMEs of The Golden Bull Award 2019. The award symbolises the strength of Wellous in demonstrating visionary quality in product development & business growth. Of all 886 nominees 469 shortlisted candidates, and 250 companies scoring and ranking, Wellous managed to make it towards the final judging of the award. Wellous’ effort will never stop and hence we will always go-all-out to be the ultimate health caretaker that all consumers can refer to.

我们又获奖啦~而这次是企业中的至高无上荣耀——金牛奖! 我们很荣幸地被授予2019年最杰出中小型企业奖,这已经是我们2019年拿下的第四个奖项!!!


这个奖项也象征着Wellous在产品开发和业务增长方面展现远见卓识的实力,并被给予肯定。所以Wellous 的努力是永不停止的! 我们致力全力以赴成为守护所有消费者的健康的“保健人员”


让我们送上最热烈的掌声恭贺Wellous成为业界典范! 谢谢

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