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American Ginseng


Why You Should Take American Ginseng?

  • Focus Better, Boost Concentration
  • Protects vessels & heart
  • Boost memory memorise easily
  • Nourishing lungs, eliminate  heartiness
  • Ditch fatigue, be vital
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Best Natural Vitality Booster

Improve Energy & Calm The Mind

AMERICAN GINSENG contains 500mg of Panax

Quinquefolius in each tablet. It is generally considered as a

tonic and adaptogen that enhances physical performance,

promote vitality, relieve fatigue and support healthy ageing.

Regular intake can help to improve overall physical strength.

Our American Ginseng went through ultrafine pulverisation

technology (in a supersonic flow under low temperature)

to make it into tablet type.

Common Causes Of Fatigue

– Not Enough Sleep

– Sleep Apnea

– Dehydration

– Anemia

– Diabetes

– Thyroid Disease

– Food Allergies

– Leaky Gut Syndrome

– Depression & Anxiety

– Sedentary Lifestyle

– Heart Problems

– Shift Work Sleep Disorder

– Caffeine Overload

– Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Who Need American Ginseng

Consume 1-2 Tablets

(3 or 4 times daily)

60 tablets per bottle

Certification & Quality Assurance

Passed the certification of not containing any heavy metals microbial,

preservative and chemicals